New Medical Building

Retina Vitreous Surgeons of CNY | Syracuse, NY

Retina Vitreous Surgeons of CNY wanted a new building for their
growing practice and engaged Dwyer Architectural for their expertise in
creating the interior for their new outpatient surgical offices. Having
outgrown their current Syracuse location, the surgeons met with our team,
starting with programming and conceptual design to work through
adjacencies and efficiencies while studying staff and patient flows.
Work sessions were held to test the conceptual designs which led to the
final approved floor plan, which included a plan for further growth.


In response to shortfalls in their current location, the team collaborated not
only with the doctors, but with the individual support staff groups to acquire
specific details of their work spaces and other staff amenities. Dwyer worked
closely with the physicians to understand their preferred design aesthetic in
order to ensure that their new home would reflect their image and style.

Size: 25,000 GSF


Partner: Ashley McGraw

Completion Date: Summer 2019