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85 Allen Street

Suite 210

Rochester, NY 14608



120 East Washington St.

Suite 822

Syracuse, NY 13202



“Dwyer Architectural has created a

one-of-a-kind culture that encourages growth through experience. The small firm mindset has allowed opportunities early in my career that would have otherwise taken years to be involved with. Since joining Dwyer in 2015, the firm has provided me the needed knowledge and confidence to continue to grow both professionally and personally.”



Join Our Team!

If you are looking for a new challenge and an
opportunity to advance your skills and career,
we are looking for ambitious and skilled architects and designers to fill the following roles:
PROJECT MANAGER - 10+ years of experience
PROJECT LEADER - 5-10 years of experience
SENIOR DESIGNER - 3-7 years of experience
We are a group of people who simply love what we do. If you have interest in starting a conversation,
please use the Dropbox field below to send a resume.
Please Note: We have been made aware that there have been scam recruitment efforts occurring through LinkedIn. We value the personal and team oriented nature of our firm and do not utilize application forms or non-video virtual interviews. We are also not a subsidiary of any other company, nor do we recruit through any other companies. If you have experienced one of these methods of recruitment for "Dwyer", you have not been working with our leadership team.

Work with us!

We understand that each project and facility is unique, and we work hand in hand with our clients to find the best solution for your needs. We love a puzzle! 
If you’d like to start a conversation about a puzzle that needs solving, please email us at to reach out!

“Working with Dwyer has brought upon

many opportunities that I would have

never expected to be a part of as an intern.

Even though I have only been here a

short time, I have been a part of a team

that has offered me knowledge that I will

continue to use throughout my career.”


- 2019-2021 INTERN


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