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Hospital Addition & Renovation

Community Memorial Hospital

A study was conducted to identify the scope, schedule and rough order of magnitude cost needed for Community Memorial Hospital, a Critical Access Hospital, to modernize their facility, making the services offered to the community of Hamilton, New York and its surrounding areas easily accessible to its patients and families.


The exterior of the building has transformed into a welcoming face to the community. The main entrance is now clearly defined from the emergency department entrance, and acts as the focal point of the building. With the addition of the new emergency department entrance and spacious waiting room, the rest of the ED treatment area has been reorganized into an efficient space to care for patients with eight private patient exam rooms and a separate and defined ambulance entrance and trauma room. The renovation also creates 21 private patient rooms and modernizes and consolidates their existing imaging department’s modalities into one efficient space.

Quick Facts

Hamilton, NY

32,300 gsf

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