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Outpatient Clinic

St. Joseph’s Health | Camillus, NY

Dwyer was tasked with designing a multi-disciplinary outpatient clinic in the shell of a previous big-box store for St. Joseph’s Health system in Camillus, New York. 


The goal of the design was to create identical exam room pods, utilizing an on-stage/off-stage model, that could be used by multiple provider specialties (primary care, obstetrics/gynecology, urology, endocrinology). The on-stage/off-stage design model distinctly separates the patientcirculation, the
on-stage areas, from the “behind the scenes” staff-only spaces, the off-stage areas. Centralizing
off-stage areas enhances efficiency by placing providers closer to their patients. This cuts down on travel distance, and time, between exam rooms and allows providers to have more facetime with their patients thus creating a better overall experience.


The 16,340 square foot clinic includes 18 general purpose exam rooms that could be used by varying healthcare specialties, 2 procedure rooms, and a dedicated cardiac services clinic. The cardiac clinic is comprised of 4 exam rooms, a stress testing lab, an echocardiogram imaging room, and a nuclear medicine imaging camera. A small patient sub-waiting area was placed adjacent to the nuclear medicine camera to provide a comfortable place for patients to wait during their multi-step, and lengthy, cardiac nuclear imaging studies.


On-state/off-state model

Multiple providers

Varying Healthcare specialties


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