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August Health Center Lobby Renovation

Rochester Institute of Technology | Rochester, NY

Dwyer Architectural was selected to assist Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with reconfiguring 2500 gsf of the  front-end spaces of their Student Health Center on the first floor of the August Center.  The goal of the project was to redesign the check-in and check-out areas, upgrade the public toilet room, and relocate a conference room to better serve their students and staff.  


The design team worked closely with the staff to understand the flow of their check-in and check-out process.  The desire was to physically separate these two functions but maintain an open feel with visual connection between the two and increase the speed of the check-in process.  Student privacy was at the forefront of our discussions and led to providing a large check-in area off of the spacious two-story lobby.  Students are provided with the option of using partitioned self-check-in kiosks as well as the ability to check in privately with a receptionist at the desk.  


The existing conference room was reconfigured to allow for the larger check-in are off the lobby as well as allow access from the lobby to the conference room for private functions when the clinic is closed.  Other furniture and finishes were updated in the front-end of the clinic to complement previously renovated areas within the Student Health Center. 

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