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URMC | Webster, NY

The newly completed Flaum Eye Ophthalmology office was designed within a new building shell nestled in a wooded lot in Webster, NY. The shell fit out successfully programmed two separate practices into one location.The new location allows for efficient care of both adult and pediatric patients and their families.

Collaborating with staff, the Dwyer Team employed working sessions to create a functional layout addressing the needs of each practice and function within the facility. The detailed programming took adjacencies and the nature of each patient visit into consideration allowing for efficient adult and pediatric testing, exam, and waiting tracks conducive for patient flow.

Special consideration for pediatric patients and guardians allows staff to direct patients through color coded exam rooms. The dedicated pediatric waiting room introduces the aquatic theme with a digital fish tank to hold the

attention of young patients while providing a sense of calm.

During design development, the owner requested the office meet the requirements for an Article 28 space; requiring some additional codes and physical separations of spaces to be met. Dwyer worked closely withThe Department of Health on access to shared spaces and appropriate separation of Article 28 vs. non-Article 28 spaces. University of Rochester, Flaum Eye Institute, determined that this design would be used as the prototype for future locations moving forward as they continue to expand their practice.

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